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Mr Robertson takes the helm/The New Millenium - Turner/Duncan/Strutt/Adam
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Daffy's - Turner/Plumb/Adam
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Judy says about this collection of her original 'Celtish-style' tunes.

"For over 20 years I have been writing tunes and sharing them with friends and fellow fiddlers. The first were written during a very musically awakening period in Boston – that city of musicians – in the early 90s. The most recent were written in country Victoria, with the sound of magpies and blue wrens as inspiration. All were written on fiddle, apart from the South Melbourne Yodel, and most with a dedication in mind. Some have taken on a life of their own, been recorded by others, while others have languished in bags and fiddle cases, waiting to have new life breathed into them.

In 2000 I began collecting them with a view to publication, but it took another 15 years – years full of music, family and community life, interesting work and much travel – before I got around to making it a reality. Kudos must go to Neil Adam, my partner in life and music, for pushing me to make a CD to accompany the book for all the chordal arrangements, and to all the lovely musos who agreed to take a tune or two and perform them for you, the person who picked up this book somewhere and wondered how the tunes were “meant” to sound.

The idea of the book is of course that people will enjoy and share these tunes and use them in places and for purposes yet unimagined. The idea of the CD is that my tunes sound best played by other people, with their own musical imaginations shedding new light. My sincere thanks to them all:

Brian Strating, Bruce Packard, Catherine Strutt, Chris Duncan, Geoff LeBlanc,  Gus Rigby, Jack Wilson, Jessica Foot, Kit Joyce, Louise Godwin, Louisa Wise, Lucy Wise, Luke Plumb, Lyndall Chambers, Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Neil Adam, Pria Schwall Kearney, Tanya Balka, Vincent Bradley

And special thanks to Catherine Strutt for the cover art and Sam De Santi for the layout. The world is (luckily) full of talented musician-artists and I feel fortunate to know very many of them.

Please enjoy these tunes and feel free to make them your own.

This little book is dedicated to a giant of the Australian music scene, Hugh McDonald, a musical hero of mine for over 40 years. Recording and producing a total of 10 albums for me, Neil Adam and the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Hugh’s patience, wit, musicality and friendship have been an enormously important part of my life. Here you can listen to a few tracks, for the whole collection and the CD which goes with the printed music, go here to               to purchase."

Judy Turner, September 2016


phone 0438560741

The making of this book and recording was enabled by the generous support of The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club and Folk Alliance Australia.

St Athalie's Waltz - Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club
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The Rewedding Waltz - Bradley/Turner/Balka/Adam
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