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Judy started The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club in 1995. Here they are playing two of Judy's original tunes live at The Australian National Folk Festival, Canberra, 2018.

In 2000, Neil and Judy recorded one of Neil's songs at the ABC in Melbourne with Asturian band Felpeyu, and Kavisha Mazzella. Here's the video.

Twenty Five Years of Music together!

Neil and Judy started playing together in 1995, after years of playing with groups as diverse and well known in their homelands as Silly Wizard in Scotland and Paradiddle in Australia. Having played at practically every Australian folk festival, they have maintained a presence in the UK too, touring most years. Here they are 15 albums later. Their Stevenson Show has taken them to UK, New Zealand and Samoa in recent years, and other music ventures see them involved in recordings and live gigs in Australia and overseas. Judy started the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club in 1995, it still flourishes, and she has worldwide friendships in the world of Scottish fiddle playing. 

Neil sings 'The Lea Rig', his arrangement of a Burns song, with the Fiddle Club at Hawthorn Town Hall in Melbourne, Victoria, with Jess Foot playing Cor Anglais. String arrangement and fiddle solo by Judy.

A bit of history:
Neil sings his song 'Yellow Shoes' solo at Georgetown Festival, Tasmania in 1997
With Alisdair Fraser and Natalie Haas at National Folk Festival Canberra 2014

Neil introduces and sings his song 'Homecoming'

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