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In an article which also includes a review of Suzi Quatro's new album (!), we got a FOUR STAR REVIEW FROM 'THE SCOTSMAN' : MARCH, 2021, from Jim Gilchrist, Scotland's premier reviewer of folk and roots music.


Neil Adam: The Windmill Needs the Wind (

Neil Adam, an early bassist with Silly Wizard, long domiciled in Australia, and his partner Judy Turner have toured widely with their show celebrating Edinburgh’s most charismatic exile, Robert Louis Stevenson. While visiting Vailima, RLS’s famous home on Samoa, Adam discovered the Vailima Prayers which Stevenson wrote for household and community. Profoundly moved, he found them “so poetically and rhythmically written, that they seemed like lyrics in search of a tune.” Disarming regardless of one’s beliefs, these plain-spoken, heartwarming and utterly non-sanctimonious verses are sung persuasively by Adam, along with fiddler Turner, mandolinist Luke Plumb and guest singers. The gospel-blues-inflected Scales of Love, led by Lucy Wise, surprisingly features gutsy saxophone, while Adam brings breezy directness to the title track, accompanied by countryish fiddles. Prosper, meanwhile, brings snappy blues guitar to Stevenson’s timelessly apposite exhortation: “Let kindness fill our place of habitation.” Jim Gilchrist

'I greatly enjoyed the feel of this album', Jim Gilchrist


Your cd is a hit. My partner for whom it was a present says it’s uplifting, nourishing the heart and soul . Thank you. 

Gerard, Melbourne

WOW! What a joy listening to The Windmill Needs the Wind while driving south. The CD played 3 times on repeat rotation. The 3rd time with the volume cranked up high. What struck me from the first listen was the remarkable diversity of the music, song material, and the instrumentation. I heard jazzy, country, ska, folk, classical, and Australiana influences everywhere.    Hugh, Utah, USA

That interview was pure gold!   Radio listener to Roger Holdsworth interviewing Neil on Global Village PBS -FM


It’s been a delight to have your gorgeous album for company on my regular drives to Sydney over the past two weeks, such a wealth of history, deeply thoughtful lyrics and beautiful music. I’m loving your melodies, the lush arrangements, your fabulous accompanists, your singing and that of your guests as well. RLS is officially revisiting this earth!!  

Christine, New South Wales, Australia


Man, I love this record. The package arrived last week, and it's hardly been off the CD player since. Great tunes to the RLS words, and the guitar parts warm the cockles of my acoustic heart. The packaging alone is a work of art. Something to lift the spirits as the lockdown winter nights here close in.           John, London, England


I had to smile as the intro to the first song came on…it must be the most positive beginning to an album I've ever heard..  I have to say also, that the whole album is mixed so nicely.              Chris, Glasgow, Scotland


I’ve spent the most delightful afternoon listening to The Windmill Needs the Wind. I can’t believe you got such a beautiful product together during COVID. I absolutely love it.  The lyrics and melodies are transporting and I followed the words as I listened, checking who’d done what from the acknowledgements. And all those songs with their fine words, what a job you’ve done.  I wish Trump could have heard the sentiments and I’m hopeful Biden will!       

 Jenny, Melbourne, Australia


I simply wanted to say what a wonderful piece of work this CD is ... and so utterly right for our times! You don't disappoint ... and such wonderful arrangements too.           James, Yorkshire, England


This is so wonderful!        Margaret, Samoa


There is something alchemical in the fusion of Robert Louis Stevenson's Prayers and Neil Adam's music.        

Marion, Victoria, Australia


We’ve just spent a very happy hour sitting listening to The Windmill Needs the Wind.  What a lovely album - and a clear labour of love!  The arrangements are beautiful, and the vocals sublime.        Duncan, Stirlingshire, Scotland


Because of the fuss of the Thanksgiving holiday, I sat down only today to listen to the music.  You've given us (lovers of RLS) and the rest of the world a rendering of his words and spirit that will stand the test of time.  Stevenson's moral compass is as important today as ever.        Lindy, Monterey, USA


We’ve played it on weekend mornings with the whole family which has been fun, and it’s inspired us to pull some of our old RLS books off the shelf!        Ben, Melbourne, Australia


I am confident that RLS would approve of your interpretation of the words of his published ‘Vailima Prayers’'. The musical setting to them I think is very successful. Again, well done! I think you have a hit on your hands. RLS would appreciate being re-interpreted for the 21st Century!        Mitchell, Edinburgh, Scotland

We have just been listening to "The Windmill Needs The Wind" for the first time. It has been a bold undertaking, but we think you have brought it off superbly! You have given fresh colour to the lines, but never at the expense of the effect of the words themselves. Yes, we greatly enjoyed it, but were also moved at many poignant moments. Not for the first time, you have
done justice to Stevenson while producing a thoroughly original piece of your own.     David, Fife, Scotland

and more to come!!

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