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Welcome to all Stevenson Week visitors! This is an exciting week for us, as we launch our new album The Windmill Needs the Wind on an unsuspecting world. We have put together an interview about the project and three music videos of songs from the new album for you. Beside each video link below you will find a link to the original wording of the Vailima Prayer which inspired it. There is also a link to a free .pdf of the Prayers from 1910 for immediate download.

The new album and songbook are available as CDs and a 'real book', or as immediate digital downloads, from our online shop. We hope you enjoy it all.

Neil introduces the Vailima Prayers project and the how and why of the recording

THE WINDMILL NEEDS THE WIND - the title track of the new CD. Based on the Vailima Prayer called 'For Success'.

For success.jpg

Click picture to download

PROSPER - based on the Vailima Prayer called 'Evening'

Prayers Written at Vailima Chatto 1910 l

LORD TEACH US - based on the prayer called 'Another In Time of Rain'

Another in time of rain.jpg

You can also purchase a digital download of the new album here

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