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The Homegrown Collective

ECLECTIC NEW acoustic music from Victoria


Judy Turner and Neil Adam are long established performers on the Australian folk scene. First of all as a duo, playing their own Celtic-inspired music, then with their family band, New Dogs Old Tricks; then with founding and running The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, now celebrating 25 years and preparing its 7th album, next with their Robert Louis Stevenson Show, which has toured in Australia and overseas, and now with The Homegrown Collective who are singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. Louise Godwin joined Neil and Judy on cello when the plan was hatched to record an album of Judy's tunes. Jess Foot, on oboe, cor anglais and fiddle joined then too. More recently, Gus Rigby, Judy's son, joined on tenor sax, and Vince Bradley on trumpet and horns. Luke Plumb, formerly of Shooglenifty, and without whose magic playing and recording skills, no great Australian acoustic album is made these days, joined on mandolin. The end result is a new recording of Judy's tunes and Neil's songs played by this incredibly accomplished and experienced ensemble. Is it traditional? No. Is it folk? Partly. Is it classical? Well, sometimes maybe. Is it Jazz? More than occasionally. Is it beautiful? Yes. And great listening! Give it a go here!

Gentleman Jim - The Homegrown Collective
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Ring of Bright Water - The Homegrown Collective
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Ardverikie - The Homegrown Collective
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