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The first meeting of the newly-formed Goldfield Fiddlers took place in Newlyn on the wettest and windiest day of the year, and Judy wrote this about it:

A lovely first meet with the GFF today - a great group of 8 fiddlers and 3 rhythm players came out in stinking weather and got high on group playing ... tunes from Ireland, the States, Scotland and Australia were shared. Lots of fun was had, thanks Gill for the coffee cake, and what a lot of enthusiasm was in the room...,.,for the fiddling and the cake!


We agreed we would:


1) be eclectic in our tastes

2) work to become a performing outfit

3) share the teaching round

4) learn as much as possible by ear.


A great afternoon : thanks to all who came and looking forward to lots more joining us over the ensuing months. Here are recordings of the tunes we worked on so you can play along and practice at home.

Tell your fiddle playing friends!!


Judy Turner

The Waltzes - Goldfield Fiddlers Singalong
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Fall of Richmond and Salvation Reel - Goldfield Fiddlers Singalong
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St Anne with singing.mp3Artist Name
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Toss the Feathers.mp3Artist Name
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